Please remove iCloud & unpair your watch before mailing or bringing in for repair Do not update!

Apple Watch® Screen Repair


 MiWatchRepair by Electech specializes in Apple Watch screen repair. If your Apple Watch screen is cracked, we can fix it. For years we have been fixing Apple Watch screens and iPhone screens. We realized a very long time ago that the repair market would be flooded with cheap quality repairs. It's just the nature of business. Cheap, fast, and quality last. At Electech, we have taken every measure to ensure our repairs are the very best. To retain the incredible user experience Apple™ intended, we do in-house refurbishing of these screens to keep as much of the original parts as possible. Apple™ doesn't want cheap parts on their devices and you shouldn't either. Rest assured, we are second to none in the screen repair business. 

Electech's MiWatchRepair is by no means affiliated with Apple™